Paintings by Vivienne Feitsma

No stories here about me drawing when I was a child.

No no, “I am a new artist picking up a brush for the first time in my early 40s”… well that is now 3 years ago.

At that time I decided to create a painting as a birthday gift for my dearest friend Annemieke. Don’t aks me why, I just did it. It was an impulse and it was terrifying to try something that I really knew nothing about.

That one follow-through of an impulse has led to a whole new chapter in my life that has brought me tremendous joy and fulfillment.  

So I started painting, first in acrylic then in oil, I took on watercolor too and most recently I took my pastel boxes and pencils to take a journey. I am self taught, I learn from whatever lessons and tutorials I can find on the net, I devour instructions wherever I can find it, I find inspiration everywhere and see the world with new eye's, I now see colors everywhere and in everything.

What keeps me going is the satisfaction of the colors on my brush take shape and form on my canvas, board or paper. And the feeling of 'not knowing where that will lead me'.

And of course the cherry on the cake; seeing someone really connecting to a painting I have created.

I love doing commissions and if you are interested in talking about one, please contact me.